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“There is no convincing evidence that culling has a significant benefit.”

Sir Peter Bottomley MP, 7th Sept 2012


“I have consistently campaigned on animal welfare  issues since being elected as Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade. I have raised my deep concerns about the Government’s plans to cull badgers and I am worried that a vaccination programme is being overlooked in favour of a cull, despite scientific evidence promoting vaccines. A number of trials are currently being undertaken and I will be looking closely at their results.”

He added:

“I am pleased that the Government is working hard to develop both cattle and badger vaccines but it is unfortunate that Ministers cannot say with any certainty if and when the vaccines will be ready. To develop these vaccines as quickly as possible, the Government is investing £20 million over the next five years. I welcome this investment but believe that more needs to done.”

Mike Weatherley MP, Hove & Portslade

10th Sept 2012


“I do not support a badger cull in England because, as in Wales, I believe the way to help tackle the spread of Bovine TB is through vaccination. If such a cull were to go ahead I believe it would be cruel and damaging to wildlife”

Henry Smith MP, Crawley

10th Sept 2012


"The last government's massive culling trials demonstrated conclusively that badger culling has such a small impact on TB in cattle that it's next to useless. It's clear that vaccination of badgers and cattle must be advanced as swiftly as possible in preference - anything else is bad for farmers, bad for wildlife and bad for taxpayers."

Graham Godwin-Pearson

Chairman, Bristol West Conservatives 5th Sept 2012


“Vaccination is the way forward, not a cull of our badgers.”

Chris Platt

President, Esher and Walton Conservative

Association  8th Sept 2012


“Surely it would be better to put more resources into vaccination trials before culling thousands of badgers and then realising it has not been effective in reducing TB in cattle. I wish to add my support to Blue Badger - Conservatives Against The Badger Cull.”

Barbara Hill

Chairman ,New Forest West Conservative Women’s

Organisation, 13th Sept 2012

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting working within the Conservative Party to advance animal welfare


Henry Smith MP and Blue Badger Founder

Badger protection website B-R-A-V-E with a link for Conservative supporters to show support for badger vaccination instead of a badger cull.